My Grandma’s Closet.

My Nana is a hip, hip lady.

She and my Big Daddy — who I’m convinced are the ULTIMATE relationship goals — moved out of their house a bit over a year ago. Leading up to the big move, they passed down some of their knick knacks to us grandchildren.

I’ve always liked my grandma’s style. My best label for it is retro Anthropologie. If Anthro was a store in the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, she would have definitely shopped there. Perhaps the Anthro founders were inspired by their mothers and grandmothers.

I’ve scored some awesome stuff from her.

Since first perusing her closet a couple years back, I’ve inherited this thick and comfy, colorful sweater (from Australia), a couple of vests, a few dresses and a floral skirt. I wear each on a regular basis.

A few weeks back, I wore my great grandma’s dress to work. Honestly, I was a bit nervous because it’s a little out there. But I received a plethora of compliments that day which encouraged me to bring it around more often.

Yesterday was perfect Spring weather, so I threw on an old H&M spaghetti strapped dress and partnered it with Nana’s black floral vest. I think it tied together the outfit really nicely.

Sharing is caring.

The best way to save money and shop is by inheriting clothes or borrowing from friends. I’m thankful that Nana’s clothes are the perfect combo of hip, fun and old school to where I can resurrect them from their glory days.

Have you checked out your grandma’s closet? Maybe you’ll find something you like.



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