About Dallas on a Dime:

Pictures and words that highlight amazing places in the DFW to eat, drink & shop at. It also includes venues with live music and great events or attractions to experience.

Dallas on a Dime particularly targets young 20-somethings who are launching their careers, figuring out their dreams and desperately trying not to spend more than they make–especially if they make very little.

About Maelyn:

What I Do: I’m a PR practitioner with a passion for storytelling and heart for people. I also have a personal blog, Laughter, Love & God.

What I Wear: I almost exclusively shop at thrift stores and Anthropologie. I like to shop ethically and appreciate bold items like fun prints and daring colors.

What I Eat: I will try just about any food, but once I know I don’t like it, I won’t touch it again. I eat tacos weekly, pie is my favorite dessert and I can’t resist some good barbecue.

Everything Else: I have two brothers, was adopted as a baby, studied at Baylor, lived in Florence, dabble in photography and songwriting, climb on a regular basis, and hope to attend law school one day.